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The Bella Coola Music Festival is proud to say that we successfully hosted one of the only IN-PERSON festivals in BC in 2021! Provincial Covid19 restrictions were lifted 3 weeks prior to the festival dates and, thanks to some crafty planning, we were ready to welcome artists and spectators. To add to the task, wildfires had the roads to Bella Coola partially closed so we were so happy and extremely grateful to see the following artists show up to play in the spirit of sharing music. The event was once again honored with a Nuxalk welcome and opening dance ceremony. Great vibes all around and fun had by all. Thank you!!!

2021 info
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The Bella Coola Music Festival would also like to celebrate the first year of our new (hopefully annual) addition to the festival:


The online livestream of the performances saw over 500 views for each day of the festival. We feel that the virtual component is important for accessibility in the midst of this socially complicated era. Also, the livestream team was assisted by local trainees. The footage is still available on youtube.



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