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Visit us at the Festival Booth during the event to purchase some of our awesome MERCH!

TANKS $20 (all sizes, forest green, teal, white, black)

TSHIRTS $25 (all sizes, blue, forest green, white, black) 

We now have HOODIES! $55 (black and forest green)

And these very cool stickers. Because who doesn't love stickers!?



  • Made ethically in Canada from recycled & organic materials.

  • Produced in Canadian facilities where workers are safe, respected, and paid fair wages.

  • High quality design that is made to last.

  • Mission-led & female founded.

  • 50% Organic Cotton: non GMO certified organic cotton

  • 50% Recycled Polyester: saves approx 10 water bottles from the landfill 

  • non toxic dyes 

  • Each tee saves 10 plastic bottles from the landfill, 41 days of drinking water, 7 hours of lightbulb energy, and 1 KM of driving emissions are avoided.

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